Allie Pot Holder [Free Pattern]


Pot holders are some of my favorite things to make – practical, easy to make, and a great stash buster. They’re also perfect for perfecting stitch techniques! 

Recently, I decided I wanted to work towards having a more cohesive style and color choice throughout my apartment’s living areas. Since my living room and kitchen are basically one room, I decided to bring the greens and browns from my living room into my kitchen through small accent pieces, like pot holders, rugs, and general décor. A simple textured, but modern looking pot holder was exactly what I was in need of, so I was excited to get working on it!

This pot holder comes out to about 7.5″ x 7″ and can easily be adjusted by adding or removing a few stitches. It features the even moss stitch, an easy pattern for even beginner crocheters to pick up on. I’ve finished it off with a simple double Single Crochet border as well with a border detail on the final row.

This pattern itself was written to be stowed in drawers or on the counter top (I use pot holders for literally everything), but if you’d like to add a loop to hang these as well, that can easily be added, or  you can use your own favorite border or loop technique to really make it your own!



Hook Size

  • US I/9 – 5.5 mm 

Pattern Repeat

This project follows a 2+1 pattern repeat on the foundation row.

Finished Dimensions

The finished dimensions of this project come out to about 7″ x 7.5″


Ch - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
SC TBL - Single Crochet Through Back Loop
HDC - Half Double Crochet
Sl St - Slip Stitch

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is made with 2 strands of yarn held together
  • There is no loop on the border of this pattern, this is different from many other pot holder patterns – if you’d like to add a loop, on the first row of the border, simply SC, chain 8, SC in a corner instead of 3 SC. On the second row of the border, 16 sc into the ch 8 space and continue as normal. This will create a thick loop in your chosen corner for hanging.
  • If you do not have Knit Pick’s Dishie on hand, another good yarn to use for this would be Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn that you can likely purchase at your local craft store. Any other 100% cotton yarn of Worsted Weight #4 would also do well in this case.


With yarn held double, Chain 21

Row 1: In 2nd Ch from hook, HDC. *Sl St, HDC, repeat from * until last St, Sl St, Ch 1, and turn 

Row 2: HDC, *Sl St, HDC, repeat from * until last St, Sl St, Ch 1, and turn

Repeat row 2 for 17 rows or until desired length

Begin Border

Border Round 1: 2 SC into corner stitch, *1 SC in each stitch across edge, 3 SC into corner stitch, Repeat from * until end of round, 1 SC into first corner (there should be 3 SC in each corner). Ch 1

Border Round 2: 2 SC TBL in corner stitch, *1 SC TBL in each of the stitches across the side, 3 SC TBL into corner stitch, repeat from * until you reach the end of the round, 1 SC TBL into the first corner (there should be 3 SC in each corner), Sl St, cut, and pull yarn through. Weave in ends to finish.

Finishing & Care

And there you have it – a quick, simple pot holder with so much use! 

I love using these pot holders for anything – from protecting my counter tops to shuffling around pots and pans (one day I’ll have a fancier stove/oven…) and love to give them as gifts for really anything. I recently gave a set of these to a cousin for their wedding, and I absolutely love how they turned out with a marbled yarn as well!

Care-wise, because they are knit with 100% cotton and in a single color, they wash and dry very well in the normal washing machine/dryer cycle with my kitchen towels. Because they are made to handle heat, I would caution against using acrylic or another plastic-based/easily flammable yarn for these, as the yarn can melt under high temperature. 

Overall I love how simple and finished these pot holders turned out – the double SC TBL border really gives it a nice finishing border that I love and actually really reminds me a lot of my grandma, as she loved SC TBL borders as well.

If you work up this pattern and want to show off your work, tag me on instagram at! I’d love to see your finished projects and how you really make it your own. Happy Hooking!

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