Fiber Crafts to Learn in 2022


Whether you’re looking to hone an old skill or learn something new, the new year is a great time to pick something up! As fiber artists, there are a ton of of other crafts that you can pick up that you may end up falling absolutely in love with! I’ve compiled this list as both a checklist to myself and also something to perhaps inspire others to try something new this coming year!

Punch Needle

Something new(ish) that I found this year was the Punch Needle – I actually saw this first on this Sorry Girls video on Youtube with Becky using the punch needle to make an adorable little tiger rug. Since that video, i’ve been looking more into it and it really looks like a ton of fun!

Basically, this craft uses a tool with a hollowed needle in it where you thread your yarn or thread through it and punch the needle through a type of fabric. As you continue working, you’ll end up having one side with a high pile fabric while the other side has the tighter stitching required to keep the fabric in place. I’ve seen other videos as well where crafters put a sort of adhesive to the back to keep the stitches from slipping out. All in all, it looks like a very fun craft to learn! Plus, maybe I could use up some of my stash yarn of stuff I won’t use anywhere else really.

You can find a basic punch needle at a local craft store, here is one that can be found at Michaels by Loops & Threads.

Photo via The Sorry Girls Blog

Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian Crochet has always been one of those “that’s nice but i’m bad at it” kind of things for me. Recently, however, I’ve found myself really enjoying some of the things that you can do with it, and I really want to learn.

One of the main inspirations for me this past year was actually TLYC – big surprise, I know. Reading through her blog and watching her videos really helped me grow this year as a fiber artist and gave me the confidence today to tell myself that in 2022 I will learn how to do Tunisian Crochet.

If you’re interested in looking into Tunisian Crochet, check out TLYC’s Youtube Playlist on Tunisian Crochet! You can also check out her blog for more patterns and tutorials.

Natural Fiber Dyeing

Fiber Dyeing is one of those things that I’ve been looking into for some time, bought some supplies, but never really did anything with. Why? It’s daunting! While there is acid dyes, there’s just something about dyeing yarn naturally that just seems fun and interesting. there are so many color combinations that you can get out of things that you’d never think possible (for example, blush pink out of avocado skins). It’s one of those things that’s daunting but it looks like something i’d absolutely love to learn.

Some articles on the subject:

Please note - if you do decide to dabble in Natural Fiber Dyeing, please be safe and do research on different natural dyes before sourcing them! Some natural dyes can create toxic fumes or can become toxic under the correct circumstances, so please be safe and look into the dyes you decide to use ahead of time. 

For example - green dyes from the victorian era sometimes used things like Arsenic to produce a beautiful vibrant emerald green dye. The downside? Well, Arsenic is highly toxic and caused numerous problems on dress wearers. Today, we know a lot more about what kinds of minerals are toxic and what arent, so just do a quick search on what materials you're using beforehand and you'll be golden!


Weaving is one of those things that I tried to get into about a year or two ago. Because I lived in an extremely small apartment with no room for a loom, I decided to put it on the backburner while I worked more on other fiber arts that I already knew how to do.

Weaving is the art of intertwining your working yarn through various warp threads to creative a nicely woven fabric. There are numerous videos you can find on the subject and also so many ways you can make your own loom at home with scrap wood frames and some nails. You can also purchase simple looms online or purchase larger ridge-heddle looms, depending on what you’re looking at working with.

Need inspiration? There’s hundreds of helpful videos on youtube with some fantastic designs!

Latch Hook

The Latch Hook holds a bit of a special place in my heart – as a kid, my grandma would get me little kits all the time for things like “Latch Hook Your Own Butterfly Tapestry!” and whatnot. I never actually finished up any of these projects, sadly, but it was probably my first introduction to fiber arts.

My current Latch Hook project… this may take some time.

This craft uses a latch hook, a special type of hook that has a small latch on it to pull yarn through a mesh-like material. This allows you to hook yarn to the mesh and secure it. You’ll end up with one smooth side where the yarn is knotted on and a fluffy side with open threads.


Macrame is one of those crafts that’s been around for ages, and has been a trend for quite some time. It consists of using a cotton cord with various knot techniques to create something truly unique and beautiful. I’ve tried my hand at this in 2021, but found that I definitely needed some more practice.

I used an old canvas frame that I removed the canvas from, but you can use really anything! It’s pretty common to see things like driftwood or small tree branches with macrame art on them. You can get really creative with it, so just give it a shot and see how you do!

I purchased my macrame cords from TheKnottyBird on Etsy, but you can also buy materials at local craft stores!

Macrame project I did for a piece above my bed in early 2021

This was just a short list of things that I’ve got on my list to try in 2022 – what are you planning on trying? Do you have any helpful resources or tips to share for any of these projects? Let me know in the comments!

I hope everyone has fantastic New Year’s Celebrations and a great beginning to 2022!

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