Yarn Reviews

Acrylic Yarns

Yarns made of Acrylic or an Acrylic blend that can often be found at craft stores. These yarns are great for beginners learning to work with yarn and for the experienced knitter/crocheter alike for various projects.

BrandYarnContainsPriceAvailable at…Review?
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable100% Acrylic$3.99Michaels3/5
Lion BrandHeartland100% Acrylic$6.99Lion Brand Website
JoAnn Fabric
Plus others…

Sock yarns

Yarns made with a small percent of nylon or other material to add strength and elasticity. These yarns are ideal for making socks and other accessories.

BrandYarnContainsPriceAvailable at…Review?
Loops & ThreadsPerfect Pair 70% acrylic, 23% viscose from bamboo, 7% polyester $5.99Michaels4.5/5

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