• Loops & Threads Perfect Pair – The Perfect Wool-Alternative Sock Yarn?

    In 2021, I came to the sad realization that I may be allergic to something in some wool materials. I say “something”, because sometimes it seems i’m 100% A-OK and others I end up having the worst allergies of my life. Imagine my sadness when I looked at my sock yarn stash and found all of it was made of wool! Sure I may not be putting it near my face all that often, but nothing sucks more than getting halfway through a project before finding out you’re allergic to it. Naturally, while browsing my hometown’s local Michaels store, I…

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  • Lion Brand Heartland – A Review

    Remember back to when you first started crocheting – what were your favorite yarns? What ones did you try and hate and which ones did…

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  • Loops & Threads Impeccable – A Review

    Recently, I was commissioned to make a few Fingerless Gloves for my mom’s business for customers to use them as Manicure Gloves. I knew I…

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