• Puff Stitch Coasters – A Free Crochet Pattern

    What’s small, protects your coffee table, and is a fantastic little home decor detail? Coasters! And they’re also easily forgotten about. I mean c’mon – when I moved into my first apartment, I used old newspapers because I was too lazy to make or buy some coasters. Granted, I was using a $5 coffee table (thanks, Walmart), but you still would think I’d at least care about what my apartment looked like. Spoiler alert: I still have the same coffee table and yes it’s the cheapest thing I’ve ever owned furniture-wise, but man that little wobble table is still standing.…

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  • Allie Pot Holder [Free Pattern]

    Pot holders are some of my favorite things to make – practical, easy to make, and a great stash buster. They’re also perfect for perfecting…

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  • Making Waves Dishcloth

    Recently, I went through a huge phase of re-organizing literally everything in my apartment – the kitchen drawers, my desk drawers, under my bed, under…

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