Welcome, Crafters!

My name’s Savannah – I’m a knitter, crocheter, and avid crafter. I was taught to crochet by my grandmother at 10 years old and she continues to be one of my biggest inspirations in my life.

Aside from knitting and crocheting, I also dabble in new crafts, video gaming, and am presently working as an IT Specialist in higher education. I am also a coffee enthusiast and love trying new coffees and recipes.

On this blog, I like to post my crochet & knitting patterns that I’ve written and share what I’ve learned to hopefully inspire new and experienced crafters alike!

  • Loops & Threads Perfect Pair – The Perfect Wool-Alternative Sock Yarn?

    In 2021, I came to the sad realization that I may be allergic to something in some wool materials. I say “something”, because sometimes it seems i’m 100% A-OK and others I end up having the worst allergies of my life. Imagine my sadness when I looked at my sock yarn stash and found all of it was made of wool! Sure I may not be putting it near my face all that often, but nothing sucks more than getting halfway through a project before finding out you’re allergic to it. Naturally, while browsing my hometown’s local Michaels store, I…

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  • Fiber Crafts to Learn in 2022

    With 2022 fast approaching, you may have learning a new craft on your resolutions list! Here’s a few crafts that I plan on learning that hopefully can inspire you to try something new this year!

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  • Wishing for Winter Cabled Hat Pattern

    There’s just something about nice, big, chunky cable knit hats in winter. I love them – and there’s so many of them around wherever you look. They’re big, warm, and best of all, they have fantastic texture. This Christmas, my brother and I were meant to take a trip to…

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  • Puff Stitch Coasters – A Free Crochet Pattern

    What’s small, protects your coffee table, and is a fantastic little home decor detail? Coasters! And they’re also easily forgotten about. I mean c’mon – when I moved into my first apartment, I used old newspapers because I was too lazy to make or buy some coasters. Granted, I was…

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  • Easy Top-Down Alpine Hat Pattern

    The first time you make a hat, it may feel a bit daunting. You may be uncomfortable with determining the size or even be uncomfortable with figuring out the color combinations or a specific fit you’re looking for. Like most other projects, hats can be a bit tricky at first…

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  • Lion Brand Heartland – A Review

    Remember back to when you first started crocheting – what were your favorite yarns? What ones did you try and hate and which ones did you try and absolutely love? Me? I remember trying out so many of them. I picked up Simply Soft, Super Saver, Sugar n’ Creme (big…

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  • Loops & Threads Impeccable – A Review

    Recently, I was commissioned to make a few Fingerless Gloves for my mom’s business for customers to use them as Manicure Gloves. I knew I needed something that was Machine Washable, easily acquirable, has a good selection of colors, and consistency between different skeins of yarn. I went through multiple…

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  • Organizing Your Stash & Tools

    Keeping your stash and tools organized can be hard, and sometimes you may want to shake things up – here are some of my favorite ways to stow and organize my yarn in my apartment!

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  • Allie Pot Holder [Free Pattern]

    Pot holders are some of my favorite things to make – practical, easy to make, and a great stash buster. They’re also perfect for perfecting stitch techniques!  Recently, I decided I wanted to work towards having a more cohesive style and color choice throughout my apartment’s living areas. Since my…

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  • Making Waves Dishcloth

    Recently, I went through a huge phase of re-organizing literally everything in my apartment – the kitchen drawers, my desk drawers, under my bed, under the couch. Including my massive hoard of yarn.    After I finally got through all 13 boxes or so of yarn, I sat back and looked…

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